Sharon Stone biography Sharon Stone was born in 1958 in Meadville Pensylvannia as a second child of her parents. Her father was a colourman and her mother worked as an accountant. Sharon studied creative writing and fine arts at Edinboro State University of Pennsylvania. When she was seventeen she won title "Miss of Pensylvanny". Two years later she began succesfuly career as a model in New York. She worked for Eileen Ford's model agency. She posed also for magazines like Vogue and Elle and we can find her naked in Playboy too.

Sharon's first role was in Woody Allen's Stardust Memories when she was 22 years old. But then things slowed down. Sharon played in movies like Action Jackson, Cold Steel and Police Academy 4 and also in some TV serials like Bay City Blues. In 1984 Sharon got married for the first time with Michael Greenburg. For the change in her carrer Sharon had to wait 10 long years. And then came Total Recall, where Sharon played the best of her action role as a Lori, the Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife.

But real upturn came in 1992 with a great movie Basic Instinct. Her role of sexually voracious crime writer made from her one of the biggest star in Hollywood and established her as a sexual symbol. In Basic Instinct Sharon revealed to the world one more thing: there was nothing between her and her tight dress. In a more conventionally sympathetic role, Stone followed up with another sizzling sex melodrama, Sliver (1993), which did middling business stateside but proved a solid success overseas. On the set of this movie (Sliver) Sharon met a producer Bill McDonald. They were engaged to be married for some time.

She again flexed her international box-office clout paired with Sylvester Stallone in the explosive actioner The Specialist (1994) but fared much less well commercially with her next project, The Quick and the Dead (1995), which marked her producing debut. Stone looked terrific in Western duds playing something of a distaff version of a Clint Eastwood-like gunfighter. Her directorial choice, Sam Raimi, helmed the smartly derivative tale with style to spare but the critical reception was uneven and the domestic take pathetic. In 1995 she got part in Scorsese's Casino. For this role she was awarded by Golden Globe and was nominated for Oscar. Her next character part was in Last Dance, where Sharon played a woman in prison waiting for the execution. In Sphere she played beside Dustin Hoffman. Her newest movies are Gloria, The Mighty and The Muse.

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